Brian Auger
Kozmigroov Albums
Open (w/ Julie Driscoll) [Atco, 1967]
Definitely What (w/ The Trinity) [Atco, 1968]
Streetnoise (w/ The Trinity) [Atco, 1968]
Befour (w/ The Trinity) [RCA, 1970]
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express [RCA, 1971]
A Better Land (w/ Oblivion Express) [RCA 4540]
Second Wind (w/ Oblivion Express) [RCA, 1972]
Closer To It! (w/ Oblivion Express) [RCA, 1973]
Straight Ahead (w/ Oblivion Express) [RCA, 1974]
Live Oblivion Vols 1 and 2 (w/ Oblivion Express) [RCA, 1974]
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I think Julie Driscoll was the "out" influence on [Brian Auger.] Later as Julie Tippett, her recordings are in fact way out. My favorite album with Driscoll and Auger together is Streetnoise, a late 1960s hodgepodge with covers of "All Blues", "I've Got Life", "Save The Country", "Light My Fire", etcetera (good ones, in my opinion!) but my favorite tracks are the openers "Tropic Of Capricorn" and "Czechoslovakia", the latter of which includes an aural re-creation of the soviet invasion that is quite, um, out. [Open], their album with the cover of "Season of the Witch" and "Tramp" is probably more well known but more bluesy/accessible. Auger's next band, Oblivion Express, is uneven. The only album I ever loved Alex Ligertwood's vocals on was one by David Sancious--I didn't love him with Santana and don't love him here with Auger. The only Oblivion album I really strongly recommend is Closer To It, which is funky and electric; Auger was obviously listening to people like Stevie Wonder in his most creative period. The live albums are ok but, really, for such long extended jams on tunes like "Maiden Voyage" they could be better. There're a few anthologies out there which give some idea of the range from great to horrible music Auger is capable of. Julie Driscoll does no wrong, though, but she's more an art singer than a jazz singer. [ISH]

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Brian Auger is one of my musical heroes, watching him play a solo on the hammond is mesmerising, he gurns as if every note comes from his gut. I've had the pleasure of catching him live twice and he can still groove hard! I think all of his albums have great tracks on, save perhaps 'A Better Land'. First time listeners should start off with 'Open', 'Streetnoise' or 'Closer to it', you won't be disappointed.