Julian "Cannonball" Adderley & Nat Adderley
Kozmigroov Albums
The Black Messiah [Capitol, 1970]
The Experience in E [Capitol, 1970]
Soul Zodiac [Capitol, 1972]
The Happy People [Capitol, 1972]
Soul of the Bible [Capitol, 1972]
Music You All [Capitol, 1972]
Inside Straight [Fantasy, 1973]
Pyramid [Fantasy, 1974]
Big Man [Fantasy, 1975]
Double Exposure [Prestige, 1975]
Phenix [Fantasy, 1975]
The Lovers [Capitol, 1975]
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Music You All is a live item that despite coproduction by David Axelrod has a fairly flat sound to it. An okay version on George Duke's "Capricorn" notwithstanding, this record never manages to escape the relatively straight combination of R&B and bebop. Pyramid is another "transitional" Cannonball album, wherein the keyboard torch was passed from Dukey to Hal Galper (Zawinul being the quintet keyman prior to Duke.)  Pretty big difference in styles, George being a much flashier player than Hal.  Both sit in on this one, Galper on Fender Rhodes and George on clavinet and ARP (check out his tasty solo on "Time In.")  The album itself is a mix of styles, with the group moving from the blaxploitation astrojazz of "Phases," to the funky soul boogaloo of the title cut, to the acoustic Gershwin cover which closes the album.  [DW]